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Iluzjonista i komik Paweł Kluz

Why it works

I know how, when and why.

I disarm you with my straightforwardness, sense of humor and I have a great contact with my audience. Full of interaction and unbelievable magic.

Thanks to a long-standing work for the business clients I can easily adapt my repertoire, humor and the pace of the show to a particular group.

I’ve entertained the biggest domestic and overseas companies and the most demanding guests who claim they’d seen it all. Impossible? Worry not. I’ve been doing impossible for 17 years.

Honestly, it’s not about tricks at all.

Let me take you there...

About me

When will you get yourself a decent job?

Pawel's dad

The best magician I have ever seen!!!

Pawel's mom

Can you live off that?

Friends and family

Interaction and spontaneity

Stand out
I'll tell you how you want it

Something special?

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